Princess in Another Castle

The showdown at the top of Forest Temple

Squashing Jumpman

So when last we left out heroes, they had courageously fought through the cursed temple and solved the riddle to ascend the stairs to the second flood. There on the porch of the church sanctuary they saw the princess, tied up and helpless. As they ran too her, they were obstructed as a swift figure jumped from the rooftops and blocked their path. It was the leader of the mercenary group who was known as Jumpmanor The Bouncer. Armed with a metal club and with two archers for support he managed to hold off the party while a mysterious airship approached. A dark figure, clad in a black robe emerged and snatched the princess away, flying off in the direction of Blendora. The heroes defeated Jumpman and one of his companions but the third managed to escape into the wilderness.

Defeated, the heroes returned home to report their findings to the royal family. While Miaand Kayleewent to the castle to explain, Zagerand Kikuriwent in search of the old woman the gypsy had requested a birthday song for since it seemed she had placed a curse on Zager and his hair had been falling out every day past her birthday. At the castle, the Queen reemed out Mia for her sloppy work of not returning the princess and when she was about to let her go, Mia’s pants came undone from some unknown magical force, enraging the queen and having Mia thrown into jail for yet another night. Kaylee returned to the group just as they found the elderly couple returning from a walk from the grocers. Almost scaring the old lady into a heartattack by surprising her with song, Zager completed what he had set out for and quickly left to sell the silver cross he had found at the forest temple. Kikuri decided to stay and was invited in for tea as well as stories about their missing son, Patrick, who had gone to Blendora and was never heard from again.

Kaylee had followed Zager to the shops and became quickly distracted by a local pet store. Going inside, she fell in love with a black cat who she purchased and named Mr. Fluffles. Zager hit the shops and attempted to bargain with the shopkeeps which only seemed to end in failure and disarray as they kicked him out of their businesses. Still unsure what his mysterious potion could do, he proceeded to the nearest tavern. Finding the table with the most drunk men around it, he bought them all a round and slipped the potion into one of the men’s drink. He toasted to them and watched as the man guzzled down his ale and fell backwards. As he hit the stone floor, he began melting into the stone. His friends quickly jumped to help him up as Zager made a hastily escape into the night.

The next morning, Mia was released from jail and the party met up at the stables, ready to proceed to Blendora to find their beloved princess.



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