Princess in Another Castle

the dark knight

While walking down the street, the adventurers hear a cry, “stop! Thief!” the man shouts through the crowded streets of Blendora. A young boy is running headlong towards them. He crashes into Mia, and both tumble to the ground. The boy drops a loaf of bread and a cigarette. The boy leaps to his feet, but Kikuri, with her lightening fast reflexes, grabs the boy. In the distance the authorities approach. Zager, sensing trouble, attempts to stalk away, only to draw the attention of Kikuri. Having split attentions, Kikuri releases the boy. Kaylee, quick thinking, dazes the young thief. A Friar sprints toward the group, and tells the young boy off for thieving. “Galford,” he states, “thou shalt not steal.” And drags the boy off. Galford protests, " The bread is for my family, they are starving!" But the cry goes unheard by authorities. Kaylee, now concerned, asks the guard about the boys family. She learns they are street rats. Kaylee takes the bread and stores in her bag.
Zager wanders to the closest bar. Meanwhile Kaylee asks around the city about the boy, learning he and his family like in the sewers. Sensing adventure, the girls fetch Zager from his drunken retreat.
The party search for some time on how to enter the sewer system. They finally come across an entry way in a dark, dank alleyway. They wander in, eventually coming to a river of sewage. Kaylee shouts down the corridor, and hears noises in return. Mia, being brave, is the first to climb down into the water. It is cold and knee high, reeking of pestilence and disease. Zager, not liking any of this, wanders out of the sewer. Kaylee follows. Eventually Kikuri and Mia come to the conclusion it may be pointless and futile. And so the party leave the sewer.

Returning to the busy streets of Beldora, Kaylee decides Mr.Fluffles deserves a treat. She lights the cat a cigarette. Kikuri, dead against smoking, takes the cigarette away. Now angry, Mr.Fluffles swipes at her and misses. Mia, seeing this, gives the kitty another smoke. Kikuri gives Mia slack.
The party, now tired of bickering, decide to return to the richer neighbourhood of town. They search and search, looking for more airships. But alas, they see nothing. Asking around they discover that Baron Von Schnickle was the inventor of the airship. He commercialized them to the rich and powerful ever since. They find the Baron lives in a pink house on the corner. The party go to the pink house to discover it is huge! They approach the gates. A guard approaches the party and asks, “Do you have an appointment?” Zager, being clever, spins a story about Kaylee being Baron Von Schnickles long lost niece. Kaylee understanding the ploy cries, “I want to see Uncle The Baron.” Unfortunately the guards do not fall for the trick. Kikuri asks if they can make an appointment. The guard tells them “Be here for 11am tomorrow sharp.” The party walks away, hearing the snears and jabs of the guards behind them.
While waiting for time to pass, Mia and Kikuri wander the streets of Blendora. Zager decides to make some money and plays his music in the street. Kaylee decides to help him. The party retire for the night at The Silver Terd.

The next morning the party head toward The Barons house, with the same guards at the gate. They are way too early.
Zager decides to busk again. A young lady comes towards Zager, and attempts to woo him. she coaxes him into an alley. The young women franticly asks him to help her escapes. She tells him her pimp is an abusive tyrant!
Kaylee, think the girl would need a disguise, hands her Park Ranger Parkers clothes. They head to the city gates and it appears they are being followed. The party backs away and bumps into more of the tyrannical pimps lackeys. Kaylee pocket sands the men, he turns green and drops. Zager sleep spells the other man, and Mr.Fluffles falls asleep, as well as the young lady. Kikuri and Zager pick up chickie and run. They get about 60ft and stumble. Zagger drops her feet. Kaylee colour sprays the remaining men, one guy goes down, and the other gets past her. Mr Fluffles attacks the man and claws at his face. Mia tackles him, and misses, dropping to the ground herself. Zagger and Kikuri continue to run with chickie. Mia rises to her feet and runs into an alley, following Kaylee. The two hide, until the cost is clear. They then decide to head back to Baron Von Schnickles house.
Chickie awakes and her, Zager and Kikuri continue to run. Zager uses his grease spell behind them. The following guards fly across the grease and tumble to the ground. Zager dazes the man, and he tries to tackle Zager but misses. Zager runs once again. The 3 finally make it to the gates. Four more henchmen appear. Kikuri, always vigalent, notices them and pulls herself and chickie into an alleyway. Zager notices a sewer entrance and they enter it. A tug of war ensues between Zager and Kikuri. Zager wants to find another way out of the city through the tunnels, Kikuri disagrees. Kikuri wins the fight of wits and they retreat from the sewers once again. Kikuri comes up with a plan to use the Park Ranger Parker disguise to they’re advantage. They bundle chickies hair under the hat. They start toward the gate. Zager plays his guitar as a distraction. Kikuri and Chickie sneak toward the gate slowly. Unfortunately two of the henchmen notice them, and walk in they’re direction. Zager shouts/sings angry words toward at the two remaining men. One the the guys takes Zagers guitar and throws it. Zager, now royally pissed, freaks out!
The other two henchmen, now at Kikuri and Chickies back attack. One man takes Chickie, one takes Kijuri. Kikuri kicks the man in the shin, the other man continues to take Chickie. Just then the Henchmen suddenly collapse to the ground. The party run out of the gates, not even looking back. They take Chickie to a reststop of sorts, where her sister awaits her arrival. Kikuri and Zager return to town, and embark to The Barons house.

Mia and Kaylee are let into Baron Von Schnickles house. They walk over the vast grounds, past ridiculous statues and the massive fountain. As they get to the house, Kikuri and Zager appear at the house gates. A guard splashes Zager with water because he smells like sewer.
Mia and Kaylee are taken to the Barons office. They ask him about airships and he wonders why. Kaylee draws a picture of the airship the party saw back at the Cathedral. Kikuri and Zager enter the office. Kaylee tells the Baron that the airship belongs to her long lost uncle, but the Baron doesn’t believe her. The Baron tells them that the airship they are looking for belongs to a very evil man, The Earl, who is a larger corporation holder in town. The Earl is The Barons biggest competator in business. The Baron tells them that The Earl controls most of the crime in Blendora. His house, which is down the road, is protected by a Dark Man, and is heavily guarded.
And so the adventurers leaves Baron Von Schnickle.

Later that day the party relaxes in a tavern. Zager performs, assisted by Kaylees pristigitations as a light show. Unfortunately, the people of Blendora don’t appreciate this kind of entertainment and “BOO” them off. Kaylee, highly offended colour sprays the people yellow. Both her and Zager run into the back alley behind the bar. Kaylee down fearing for her life, colour sprays again. Zager dazes some of the chasing men as well. One of the attackers sharply punched the air in front of him. Kaylee fall backwards and plays dead. Zager attempts the same but he is surrounded by people who kick his limp body. Kaylee is also attacked in this manner.
From the bars back door, Kikuri shouts, " Hey fuckheads! Leave them alone!" One of the attacking men turns on her and winds up his attack. Suddenly he falls flat on the ground, two more attacking men fall as well. Smoke bombs cover the ground.
Suddenly a caped figure drops to the ground at the end of the alleyway. He says in his dark husky voice that Baron Von Scnickle lied to the party, and that the Earl is not they’re enemy. The Baron is one of three servants of an organized group. He also informs them that the Baron holds a map, that would help them greatly in the search for the Princess Pom.



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