Princess in Another Castle

Letter to Mother

Dear Mother,

The country of Blendora is…well..I HATE THIS PLACE! I HATE IT SO MUCH!!

We managed to pass the border into Blendora, after we passed Mia changed into Parker’s clothes that Kaylee took. We made our way to the next town to find Mia some new armor since hers was, well, kinda screamed Bole soldier. Also Kaylee learned a new spell that throws a snowball…it was kind of disturbing but ok then. Once we were in the town we found a tavern called Zhe Smoking Baby, Kaylee goes off with Zager into their room and manages to find 6 cigarettes, after playing with Mr. Fluffles she follows her under a bed right before Zager comes back to the room after being in the bar, drinking, with him is a larger woman where they have….intercourse.
During all this Mia and I were in our room sleeping. After they had their roll in the hay, the larger woman dropped a cigarette on the floor and it rolled under the other bed, which happened to be Kaylee’s hiding spot, she picked it up and started smoking the cigarette while the larger woman looked under the bed and screamed along with Kaylee. The larger woman then started talking to Zager about his sexual preferences. He then tried to put her to sleep and failed but ended up putting Kaylee to sleep, so with that done he went for another round. After Kaylee wakes up she comes to my room and explains what happened and we let her spend the night with us. In the morning we go get breakfast where I take the coffee away from Kaylee and the cigarette she was going to start smoking. We see Zager come in the room and I punch him off his chair while screaming at him then I storm off. He then throws a smoke and Kaylee picks it up and starts smoking it. I came back and took it away from her, I managed to take the rest of them from her and gave them to a homeless man and Kaylee gave him a ration. While Mia was looking for armor, which she couldn’t find any, I carried Kaylee to her.
As we leave the town to the city, Kaylee sends Mr. Fluffles to find some cigarettes and she does, she brings them back to Kaylee but she starts smoking one and I take them away yet again. Once we get to the city Zager goes off to find drugs, and Mia goes off to find armor while I take Kaylee to the smoke factory, when we arrived there was a tour but it wasn’t for another hour so I bought a pack of cigarettes and took Kaylee to a park, we sat under a tree and I made her smoke them until she would stop. She had 3 cigarettes before she got sick and promised to stop.
Mia was not having much luck in finding some armor that was in her price range, but she ended up buying some new armor with the help of of everyone. We found Mia and started looking for Zager, who left an ally he found since the drugs were to expensive and found another ally where he ended up buying some. After we all found each other, Zager asked around about Patrick and all we found out was that he vanished while he was the structural engineer for the spire where the royal family is currently living at the top. We then went to get a room at a place called The Silver Turd, we were going to stay at The Golden Turd but it was to expensive. Kaylee played with Mr. Fluffles while Kikuri had a bath before going to bed and Mia just went to bed. While we were relaxing Zager decided to try some of his drugs and went to a bar type thing and ate cheesecake, 3 pieces to be exact with a glass of wine.
We went to breakfast and went on our way to the spire again and stopped to help a young girl who was crying cause her kitty was stuck in a tree and Kaylee used one of her spells to get the kitty out of the tree. We get to the spire and went to the records room, we didn’t learn much after Mia got caught sneaking around the clerks desk.
We then leave to head back to the spire and run into an old beggar who was blind and had asked to be taken to a sandwich shop and be bought a sandwich with his money, Kaylee went in and asked for a sandwich and went to pay and just held out the bag to the cashiers, I came in to see what was taking so long and noticed that there were no copper pieces in the bag, even though we had given a few before hand just gold piece. I paid for the sandwich and had returned back outside. We first thought it was the bag and Zager and myself went to buy him a new one to exchange it with but that wasn’t it, we thought it could be his cup but it wasn’t that either, after the beggar left Zager remembered he knew a spell that could sense magic, he could tell it was something around his waist area that was magic. He chased after the beggar with us on his heels, me mainly to make sure Zager didn’t hurt him. The beggar wend down a dead end ally and vanished, Zager stood there staring down the ally with utter confusion and the rest of us just looked on, finding it kind of funny.

It’s starting to get a bit complicated but just letting you know, don’t ever visit Blendora…it’s a horrible horrible place…I still don’t understand why I’m going on with these people… hopefully I’ll be home soon to tell you the rest of the story.
Love you’re daughter,



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